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Amanda Martin – Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career

Amanda Martin – Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career

Today on, we are going to take a glimpse into the life of Amanda Martin, also nicknamed “Mandi Martin”, mostly known for her participation in the television reality show Iron Resurrection. In this series, alongside her husband, Joe Martin, Amanda works to find, assess and restore old, busted (and sometimes antique) cars and bikes, in an attempt to give them a well-deserved second life.

Amanda with her father

Amanda Martin – Who is she?

Born in Red Oak, Texas, on October 19th 1973, Amanda Martin seems to have lived a very discreet life prior to joining the cast of Iron Resurrection in 2016. On the show’s Facebook page, she recently informed fans that before her time in the television industry, she worked as a banker for over twenty years.

Her romance with Joe started when they met through common friends, as well as through her brother who used to work for Martin’s bike business. Her husband’s career in the industry was however already going strong when they married.

In terms of her personality, Amanda Martin is known for demonstrating an on-screen fun and easy-going attitude, gathering incredible praise online for her presence in the crew. Many have named Iron Resurrection as their favorite reality TV show in this genre, particularly due to Amanda’s presence and to the fact that her and Joe’s crew gets along so well. In an industry that is plagued with in-house drama, Iron Resurrection manages to steer clear of these issues and to deliver a truly enjoyable experience for its viewers. It is a true gem in the field. Both Amanda and Joe Martin have often stated that the employees working for the company are also their friends and for some of them, could even be considered family.

Amanda Martin is additionally known to be a dog lover, often posting photographs of her dogs on her social media pages. As far as her family goes, she has three siblings and two nephews. She has periodically posted pictures of her sister’s two kids on Instagram page, recently sadly announcing that the youngest, Luke, aged 8, had developed a rare form of brain cancer and been diagnosed in October 2020. She has requested her fans and followers to keep him in their prayers as he receives treatment and hopefully makes a speedy recovery. 

Amanda Martin – Education

Amanda Martin and her siblings attended Red Oak High School as teenagers. However, just like her husband, Joe Martin, Amanda Martin appears to be self-taught as far as her knowledge of the car and motorcycle industry goes. Her prior experience in the banking sector has nevertheless clearly been extremely valuable to the administration of their shared company.

It is assumed that she may have studied finance or business management at university level, although further details on her alma mater or curriculum were never made public.

Amanda Martin – Career

As stated above, before becoming one of the most important players in the automobile restoration industry, Amanda Martin was a banker for twenty years. She began her career in Plano, Texas, working for Wells Fargo. Martin then rose quickly within the ranks and soon became a bank manager. She later moved on to Pioneer Bank in Austin, Texas, where she worked as an assistant vice president for two years. She was later promoted again to VP of Deposit Operations, then Product Manager, before finally leaving the banking industry in 2017. She is now not only the co-owner of Martin Bros Customs, the car restoration company that she shares with her husband, but also an entrepreneur in her own right, cultivating a free, innovative spirit.

Regarding her work on Iron Resurrection, the show started airing in 2016 and was created as a result of Joe Martin’s already major notoriety in the Texas car restoration industry. Indeed, in 2004, Joe famously won the Discovery Channel challenge “Biker Build Off” and was soon able to capitalize on this win to launch his career and his own shop. He was quickly very successful, had over twenty employees but sadly had to downsize for a while due to the 2008 economic downturn, before bouncing back in the early 2010s.   

Through Iron Resurrection, Joe became even more widely known in the media and began involving his wife, Amanda Martin, in the business, leading to an even greater success. The couple has largely improved their sales and records, now partnering with large automobile companies. They also work on order, depending on their clients’ budgets and have had quite a few high profile customers throughout the years.

As a TV show, Iron Resurrection is largely praised for being incredibly transparent and instructive about the work carried on the vehicles, displaying the couple’s mastery and knowledge of cars, as well as giving the viewers a realistic idea of the repairs and investments made, a format that Amanda Martin has mastered, alongside her husband.

On this topic, a fan’s comment on IMBD even reads: “I’ve been watching auto shows my whole life and this is one of the best. They show you how much was paid for the subject car, all the work is detailed, and the final price is shown.” Amanda Martin and her presence, as well as her business acumen and strategy is a truly essential element to the success of Iron Resurrection.

For Amanda Martin, in particular, her role on Iron Resurrection is both incredibly important and incredibly varied. She is the most regular female presence in the cast, and is also known to the fans as “the beauty and brains of Martin Bros Customs,” the company that she co-owns with Joe. The show’s IMBD page outlines the significant nature of Amanda Martin’s role in the eyes of the fans of Iron Resurrection and drives constant praise for her participation in the reality TV series. For instance, one of the top comments reads: “[she] keeps the jobs rolling out and the dollars rolling in with her uncanny knowledge of every backwoods shed and car lot in the state.”

About her own role, Amanda declared in 2018: “I get to work alongside my husband and I get to go out with [co-star] Shag. We get the fun job, actually. […] We get to go out and we hit all these places all over Texas that have all kinds of cars and parts. We dig through them and pick through them, bring back what we want.”

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On television, while Amanda Martin leaves the heavy-duty work to her husband and the other crew members, it is incredibly clear that the success of the venture rests largely on her shoulders. She has quickly risen to fame as an incredibly talented business person who is key in solving many of the issues that arise on Iron Resurrection. She works to promote the show, find and buy new cars to restore as well as imports the spare parts necessary for the boys to do their work. She is also responsible for the accounts and takes care of the sale of the cars, once they are repaired.

Additionally, Amanda handles part of the company’s marketing responsibilities, oversees the traffic on the company’s website, promotes the show Iron Resurrection and its related merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) and leverages her incredible social media platform, with her almost seventy-eight thousand Instagram followers. The show definitely works as a successful family affair and Jason Martin, Joe Martin’s brother, has now also become a producer.

Amanda Martin – Net Worth

Today, thanks to Amanda Martin’s hard work alongside her husband on their company and TV show, her net worth is currently valued at $300,000, rising to $1 million, if put together with her husband’s.

Amanda Martin – What is she doing now?

On top of her continued intervention on the latest season of Iron Resurrection, Amanda Martin now seems to want to branch out into other forms of entrepreneurship. In a recent Facebook post, she has openly stated the importance of her partner and of her relationship in her success, especially now that she and Joe work together on their venture, as well as on the show. On her birthday, she was quoted saying: “I don’t turn wrenches, but I was a banker for 20 years. I apply what I learned in banking to the operations side of Martin Bros Customs. When I started helping [Joe] run the business, full time, it opened my eyes. Helping Joe run Martin Bros Customs gave me the confidence to become an entrepreneur myself. It has helped me realize my vision of property development. We learn from each other every day and support one another 100%.”

While we do not know what her next step will be, it is doubtless that Amanda Martin will have many, successful years to come. Overall, she is an incredibly inspiring figure, both as part of her husband’s business but also on her own right. She is a truly thriving businesswoman woman whose career, it seems, keeps rising to higher standards. The skill and trust that she shares with her husband, Joe, is clearly visible on screen and the next season of Iron Resurrection will surely be a must-watch for anyone interested in the car industry.


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