Frequently Asked Questions

I won’t be abroad for 10 weeks. Can I still apply?
No. We only accept applications from people who are going to be abroad for at least ten weeks. We ask that our Correspondents be living, studying, traveling and/or working abroad for a significant amount of time. Please do not ask for exceptions to this rule.

I will be abroad for 10 weeks, but not within the timeframe you have outlined. Can I still apply?
Only if your dates are very, very close to the dates we have outlined. If you will miss the time frame by a month or more, please do not ask for an exception.

I’m not a U.S. citizen. Can I still apply?
Yes! We simply require that you be living or studying outside of your home country.

I am going abroad during the summer. Do you have a summer program?
No. We do not currently have a summer program, as most students are abroad for too short a time in the summer to develop full portfolios and long form stories.

I will be abroad for 10 weeks, but will be traveling from country to country. Can I still apply?
Yes, but we generally favor people who will be spending the majority of their time in a single location.

How do you make your selections?
We look not necessarily for the most experienced, exceptional or talented writers and photographers but for those whose vision we think is strong, fresh, and compelling: those who move beyond the narcissism of so much travel blogging and journalism to search for original, underreported stories and to tell them without gloss, clichés, or recycled language.

If selected, do I retain the rights to the work I produce as a Glimpse Correspondent?
Glimpse retains exclusive rights to correspondents’ published work for four months following the end of the Correspondents Program. After those four months, rights revert to Correspondents. Any additional work submitted by Correspondents is subject to our general Terms of Service.

Why do you charge a processing fee?
We receive hundreds of applications, and the fee enables us to allocate the time and resources necessary to give each application the attention it deserves. This fee also helps to cover the many costs of maintaining the website and the program.

What if I can’t afford the fee?
Glimpse will consider granting a waiver to applicants with special financial circumstances. To request a waiver, you will be asked to explain the financial factors that prevent you from being able to pay the fee.

What should I address in my statement of interest?
Please don’t tell us how much you love traveling and writing. We assume that. Show us what you’re interested in. What intrigues, frustrates, motivates you about the place where you’ll be living, working, traveling or studying? What stories would you like to explore there? How are you positioned to tell these stories? What kinds of themes do you find yourself searching out as a writer or photographer?

What type of writing sample should I submit?
Your writing sample should demonstrate your ability to do the type of writing featured on Glimpse: creative nonfiction, with a strong narrative drive, inspired by travel and often dealing with cross-cultural social, political, and/or human interest issues. Memoir, news articles, and academic essays are discouraged; it’s hard for us to tell from these types of writing whether or not you can do the work required of a correspondent.

Can I excerpt my sample from a longer piece?
Yes, but please indicate that the sample is an excerpt. Also include any background information that might be needed to orient us.

Can I submit several short writing samples instead of one longer one?
While we prefer that your writing sample be one piece, we are willing to accept several shorter writing samples. Please note that if you submit four or five shorter samples it could be difficult for us to tell whether or not you’re capable of developing and sustaining a longer piece. You want to show us, as best you can, that you’re capable of doing the kind of writing and photography found on Glimpse.

Is it OK if my writing sample has been previously published?
Yes. We are happy to accept whatever writing sample best displays your writing abilities, whether it has been previously published or not.

My area of specialization is photography. Do I still need to submit a writing sample?
In compiling photo stories, Photo Correspondents are expected to write carefully crafted captions that complement the photos to tell a compelling narrative. We judge your application first on photographic skill and second on writing ability.

My area of specialization is writing. Do you still need to submit a link to an online photo album?
Writing Correspondents are expected to take photos to accompany their written stories. We don’t require that you have formal training in photography—we judge photo albums based on your potential to learn key basic skills. Putting care and thought into your album will increase your chances of being selected.

What are you looking for in a photo album?
The photo album should consist of 20 to 25 of your best photos. The photos do not need to be taken abroad, and do not need to correlate with your writing sample. As most of our stories are about people, we do prefer to see at least a few photos of people in your portfolio.

What photo-sharing site should I use for my photo album?
Any photo-sharing site is acceptable, though we recommend Flickr or Picasa. Password-protected sites like Facebook are acceptable ONLY if there is a way to make a specific album public. When submitting your link, try it on another computer to make sure the album is accessible without a username and password. If an album is password-protected and we are unable to view it, you will be automatically disqualified.

What if my photo-sharing site doesn’t enable me to link directly to an album?
If possible, please create an album named “Glimpse” so that we know which photos you would like us to view.

What are you looking for in a Video?
Provide us a sample video – no longer than three minutes that shows some of your best work. We are looking for visual storytellers who have a great eye for composition and a knack for compelling editing who can bring an experience or location to life. Matador loves videos that let the place speak for itself, whether through beautiful imagery or the voice of a locals. We also love artistic shots and cinematic editing that support ground level storytelling.

Your video does not need to be shot abroad, you can create an entertaining and insightful video from your hometown. Focus on what makes the place special, talk to some locals and perhaps visit a local landmark or industry that represents what makes the place unique. Online audiences have a short attention span so show us that you know how to capture that fleeting attention with video that they want to watch and share.

What video sharing site should I use for my video?
Video must be uploaded to or and must be public.

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