The Correspondents Program


What is Glimpse?
The Glimpse Graduate Program at MatadorU is an intensive one-year study of the craft of travel journalism aimed at emerging writers, photographers, and filmmakers.

How does it work?
Glimpse graduate students will take on or advance a long-term investigative journalism focus area or project whether at home or while living abroad. During the first six months, graduate students work closely with the Glimpse director and other MatadorU faculty to pitch and develop stories around the project. Formats include writing, photography, filmmaking, and combinations thereof. Throughout the editorial process, Glimpse graduate students receive critical feedback on their work and learn how to develop ideas from initial queries and drafts into compelling, publishable pieces.

After completion of the six-month mentorship, graduate students compile a project summation reflecting on craft/process notes and their evolution as a journalist, and then have another six months of independent study where students are given the opportunity to continue working with Matador without intensive editorial guidance but with continued access to peer review workshops, as well as opportunities for paid publishing at Matador– essentially working as a Staff Writer for Matador Network.

What do Glimpse students get?

  • Free tuition to MatadorU courses in writing, photography, and filmmaking
  • Intense one-on-one editorial mentorship and career guidance with the Glimpse Director and other MatadorU faculty
  • Career training
  • Opportunities for paid publication at Matador Network

What kinds of stories do Glimpse students produce?
Glimpse stories attempt to move beyond the facile, the superficial, and the merely descriptive to get at the myriad complexities of travel—at its capacity to spur curiosity, challenge entrenched ways of seeing, trouble complacency, and create empathy across vast cultural and physical distances. Check out the collection of Glimpse stories at

Who should apply?
The Glimpse Graduate Program is for talented writers, photographers, and filmmakers with a passion for storytelling and a knack for finding truly unique stories. The program is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a passion for storytelling and travel. Applicants must have regular access to the internet and be willing to commit to a professional editorial process.
The Correspondents Program is open to both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens

Visit the Correspondents Page to find out more about current correspondents and to read testimonials from past correspondents. Read the most recent Glimpse stories on Glimpse’s page at Matador Network.

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