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Forgiving genocide in Rwanda

“Cleaning the earth of Tutsis was framed as cleaning the earth of sin.” Continue reading

Remaking Kigali: A 21st century Rwanda built by Rwandans


The battle between foreign and local in the rebuilding of post-genocide Kigali. Continue reading

Day to day in Riempi: Life in a South African township


“You are the first white man I’ve ever met that says, ‘Yes, I will live in an informal settlement with you people.” Continue reading

In search of black identity in Uganda

I was being welcomed back home…for the first time. Continue reading

Why I stopped buying the sugar


Not even a minute after the request, I handed him the money. Continue reading

Schoolyard Politics, Namibia


I had come out of the office and saw a colleague sitting across the school yard under a palm tree with two female students in front of her with arms outstretched. She raised a long, flat metal rod and hit each of their arms in quick succession. Continue reading