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The countryfication of New York City

NYC seems finally to have turned to its own backyard for fresh culture to cannibalise.
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The Bolivia I didn’t want to know

“You probably thought that everyone in Bolivia would be a cholita.”
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The invisible ones: Growing up blind in Russia

Russia is not a comfortable country for the disabled; from my perspective, it can seem downright unfriendly.
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Remaking Kigali: A 21st century Rwanda built by Rwandans

The battle between foreign and local in the rebuilding of post-genocide Kigali.
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The perils of being an “improper” journalist in Ukraine

"They want journalists to tell only one story - their story.”
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Forgiving genocide in Rwanda

"Cleaning the earth of Tutsis was framed as cleaning the earth of sin.”
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The lost kids from the loft that doesn’t exist

"The FBI were at my apartment yesterday."
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